A downloadable game for Windows

In Lloyd the Monkey 2, monkey swordfighter Lloyd finds himself teaming up with alien princess Lura to combat a returning evil.

The game is structured very similarly to Mega Man X, with hot-swappable playable characters that have different specialties both interacting with the game world at the same time.

The game has been in active development since June 2018, and its initial demo at the Sonic Amateur Games Expo that August had attracted the praise of Sonic Mania co-developer Simon "Stealth" Thomley. The completed game is scheduled for release on August 2, 2020.


Original Concept, Art, Program, Story, Director: Noah Meyer
Lura Created by April Zackowski

Music: Hunter Lobdell

Voice Cast

Noah Meyer: Lloyd, Octavius, Rilassare
Abbie Rieber: Lura, Noel

Special Thanks: Simon "Stealth" Thomley (Headcannon), Ryan Bloom (TSSZ News)

Install instructions

All that needs to be done to run Lloyd the Monkey 2 is extract the ZIP folder and run the executable. Out of the ZIP, the game works best with an Xbox One controller, but the controls can be customized in the launcher.


Lloyd the Monkey 2 (SAGE 2019 Demo) 45 MB
Lloyd the Monkey 2 (June 2019 Demo) 37 MB
Lloyd the Monkey 2 (March 2019 Demo) 32 MB
Lloyd the Monkey 2 (January 2019 Demo) 27 MB

Development log